We understand that Indigenous businesses have varied and different needs. We also know that for any business, be it an Aboriginal Art Centre or Community Council, that sound financial management and efficient administrative processes are the foundations of success.


Monthly Reports & Analysis
Budgeting & forecasting
BAS Reporting

Valued-added services

Audit Coordination
Grant Applications & Acquittals
Business Planning
Board reports, suitable to your audience


Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Reconciliations
Payroll Processing


Indigenous business loan guidance
Help with Indigenous grant applications
Business plan support
Small business advice

Top 10 Reasons why clients choose us

1 Business know-how of NFP industry.
2 Proven track record of service excellence.
3 Cost effectiveness compared to in-house or alternative service providers.
4 Face-to-face meetings as required with qualified & trained staff.
5 Comprehensive & integrated solutions. No unnecessary admin work.
6 Fixed fee pricing model. No nasty surprises.
7 Tailored solutions, we work around our client needs.
8 Technology, expertise and network to support clients anywhere within Australia.
9 100% indigenous owned community minded NFP, Culturally sensitive approach.
10 We ensure our clients are always in control of their business.

What Makes Us Different

We go beyond just number crunching. iBase centralises the organisations interaction with multiple stakeholders on matters relating to financials. This allows organisations to be more outward focused and move forward with confidence.